A while back on one of out Portland Modern Quilt Guild meetings my friend Amber showed of some super cute ombre baby quilts (this one is obviously not quite ombre). I loved them so much the next sewing day I made six.

Yes, sometimes I do get a little obsessive. But it's like a cardigan, when I find one I love I buy it every color.

This gray and citron top was hanging out waiting for the perfect person. Someone I work with is just about to have her first baby and I knew this would be the one for her and the new baby boy.

A simple solid back some straight line quilting and it was ready to go. Binding was a little tricky but I think this worked out okay.

It's a super easy quilt to make. It just uses six 1/4 yards of fabric! Square them up, sew 'em together and you have a instant baby quilt. It was nice to have a quick project instead of one that can last weeks.

Along with most of my baby gifts I send a little note. Some wisdom if you will. A few others have asked me for it...so here it is.

Over the next little while (the rest of your life) you’re going to get some advice and overall comments about motherhood. I always try to be one of those people who just listens. Not today. Today I’m going to share what I’ve learned over the short seven years. Some of it may even help…here are my top 20.
  1. You will get to sleep again. I PROMISE.
  2. It’s okay if you don’t breastfeed. 
  3. There is nothing wrong with your baby, babies cry.
  4. Yes, they really do want to eat all the time.
  5. If you do breast feed, boobs typically fix everything. You will miss the day when you’ll little one is hurt and you can’t just stick a boob in his mouth.
  6. Don’t wish for talking too soon. Once they start they never stop.
  7. Do something for yourself alone ONCE A WEEK. Even if it’s just for 15 minutes
  8. It will pass. Whatever it is it will pass.
  9. How much your baby sleeps is NOT a competition
  10. You cannot spoil your baby.
  11. You will not ruin your baby.
  12. If something doesn’t work, try it again in a week.
  13. Not all babies are the same.
  14. Breathe.
  15. Then breathe again.
  16. No seriously, take a deep breath and re-read number 8.
  17. It’s really hard sometimes.
  18. It’s really f’ing amazing.
  19. Don’t go crazy over writing down everything. Just pay attention and live in the moment.
  20. Listen to everything everyone wants to tell you and then do what works for YOU.

Much love,

Jen + Jason
503.267.XXXX (just incase)

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