Holiday Holly pattern by Violet Craft

Patterns are always hard for me to follow. As a pattern designer, I tend to want to go off road and do it my way...sometimes I'm still a little six year old brat who wants their own way.

When I decided to try out Violet Crafts Holly Holiday Quilt the only off roading I planned to have was to make it fit my 3.5 and 6.5 curved templates.

I made a block and totally loved it!

It's 20 by 20 which would be great for a pillow. That's exactly where I was going to leave...until I started playing on my phone. 

Someone on Instagram posted about using an app Layout, to do repeats for fabric. I got to thinking about how this block would look with all the berries turn in.

That thought lead to this.

How freaking cool is that! I typically geek out over secondary and tertiary patterns, but this one I TOTALLY geeked out over.

So then of course I had to make a little video of me twisting it up in QuiltCanvas to show you all what I did.

My whole realization here is- it's okay to take an existing pattern and mush and twist it up. You might just get something as equally cool! Just remember to ALWAYS credit your original source. 

So check out Violet's fantastic pattern here.

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