Hello! And congrats on making it to week 5 of Summer Sampler 2019. I put together a video of tips and tricks on how to sew this block! Below is a listing of different techniques at specific times. So if you’re looking for how to press and square up your blocks you’d go to minute 16:20 to 20:51.

Please let me know if you have any questions and enjoy.



Index of Skills

00:00-05:20 Tools to use

05:20-09:00 Cutting out Blocks

09:00-09:48 Cutting out Blocks double time

09:48-14:57 Glue Basting

14:57-16:20 Sewing Curves

16:20-20:51 Pressing and Squaring Up

20:51-22:45 Adding a Curve in Curve

22:45-23:11 Glue Basting Curve in Curve double time

23:11-26:01 Adding more Curves

26:01-26:47 Sewing double time

26:47-29:28 Matching Seams

29:28-30:56 Matching all the Seams

30:56-31:40 Sewing Blocks Together

31:40-32:17 Completed Block and Wrap-up